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About Us

We are a New Thought Center that follows the teaching of Ernest Holmes, our founder.  We see everyone as an expression of the One God.  We are not separate from God / Spirit. Whatever name we give to the Power in the Universe is more significant than we are; we are One with It.  There is nothing to be healed, only Truth to be revealed, and that Truth is that God lives within each of us and expresses themself in infinitely diverse ways through each of us.  God is not out in heaven, apart from us – God is in us and all around us.  Nothing can separate us from God.  There is no such thing as sin, only missing the mark.  Making a mistake does not define our life; we live in the eternal NOW moment.  The past does not bind us.  We live in the present and have a positive expectancy of our future.

The Center of Spiritual Living Parker has been in the Parker community since January 2003.  Services are held at Cimarron Middle School each Sunday at 10 a.m. The messages and musical presentations are uplifting and life-affirming. Children enjoy their lessons of empowerment in our Youth Ministry Learning Center. We all have fun each week as we strengthen our spiritual connection to God and learn to be a positive presence in the world.

Your generosity helps make this all possible ...
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