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Children’s Church (ages 3 to 9)   Pre-Teen Group (ages 10-12)   Teen Group (ages 13-17)

We have a new program for our youth beginning January 22, 2023, and classes will be in session every Sunday starting at 10:00 am for all age groups.  While our youth are in session, their adult companions may enjoy our adult Sunday services with beautiful music and refreshments after class and service end. We like our children to be in their classroom 10 minutes before the start of class.

We are very excited to see you all!


Shirley Leung – Youth Education                                          Coordinator



I am delighted to be the Youth Education Coordinator for this center. I am currently a Religious Science Practitioner and a minister in training for Centers for Spiritual Living.


Most of my life experiences have been in technology and business, and I have raised three young women who are traversing life with strength and enthusiasm. In my mature years, I have grown to recognize my Truth in that I am a powerful individual, able to direct my life in any direction I wish to discover with success.


I believe that the best legacy that we can leave here on earth is our kids! Because of this, our Youth programs must help our children to be confident, resilient, kind, and responsible citizens of our country. I would like to be a part of your children’s growth so that they, too, lead fulfilling lives for themselves and the communities they choose to belong to.


Much love, Shirley.

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MARCH  2023 Topics


We will explore family virtues that bring out the best in our children and ourselves.  Virtues such as confidence, flexibility, friendliness, joyfulness, and thankfulness shall be tackled.  Our kids will also practice meditation and mindfulness at the start of class, and have art, song, and dance interspersed in our sessions, time permitting.

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